Gies Disruption Lab Launches with E&Y as Founding Partner

Gies College of Business

Global challenges are changing business and society in unpredictable ways and with accelerating speed. Clearly, it’s no longer business as usual, and the future depends on leaders who have the skills, agility, and creativity to anticipate disruptive events and forge new paths. The Disruption Lab is here to cultivate those leaders.With the support of founding partner Ernst & Young LLP (EY US), we present students with a transformational opportunity to think differently and challenge the status quo. EY’s purpose—to build a better working world – is evident in the importance they place on succeeding through disruption, making them natural partners. 

The Lab gives companies a chance to tap into some of the brightest minds the University of Illinois has to offer as well as teach those students about the challenges and opportunities for disruption in their own industries.

Connecting industry partners with innovative student minds and new ways of thinking allows participating organizations the opportunity to share their expertise with students and, perhaps in the process, gain a new perspective on the forces disrupting their industries. Learn More